Why Did My Claim Get Denied?

Workers’ Compensation Claim Denials

Your employer’s insurance company might deny your claim if it believes that:

  • there is insufficient evidence of an injury
  • your injury isn’t work-related
  • your injury is due to another job
  • you don’t need medical treatment, or
  • you can return to work.

Appealing a California Workers’ Compensation Denial

If you disagree with your employer or insurer about a benefits decision, including the denial of your claim, you may wish to discuss your case with one of our Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists. Your attorney may choose to file a Declaration of Readiness to Proceed and must also serve a form on your employer’s insurance company and include a proof of service form. The Appeals Board will hold a hearing and make a determination on your claim.

While your case is denied you will not be eligible for temporary disability benefits, medical treatment through the insurance carrier, or other workers’ compensation benefits.  You may have to seek other benefits while a decision is being made regarding your case.  The Law Office of Michelle D. Brodie can help advise you of the process for appealing and advise you of other options you may have prior to the acceptance of your claim.

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